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Author:Laz Smith

Laz Smith

Microsoft Blog Guest Post - Nathan Belling on Inspire


Our fearless leader, General manager, and all-round nice guy, Nathan, just had a guest blog published on the Microsoft Partner Network Blog outlining the reasons we believe Microsoft Inspire is absolutely essential for partners to attend.

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Laz Smith

Telstra Calling for Office 365 now here!!!!

That's right kids! As per one of our fearless leaders' recent blog posts, Telstra and Microsoft have announced PSTN calling via Office 365 has now arrived in Australia! Hip Hip, Hooray!

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Laz Smith

Optimise your digital spend - be productive with Surface Hub

In a recent blog, our resident "Old Guy Who Breaks Things" highlighted the pitfalls of technology and its adoption by organisations.

Money can be spent faster than it's accumulated, and now more than ever CFOs and Financial Controllers are looking for substantial returns on any technology investments they approve. 

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Laz Smith

New Car Syndrome

Who doesn’t love a new car? It's one of the universal pleasures of modern western society; the subject of many boyhood dreams and mid-life crises.

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