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Category:Awesome tech

Stuart Moore

Moving Insync to Melbourne!

Just kidding! It’s not as drastic as it sounds. We had our company Christmas Party over the weekend. Normally this involves flying our other branch (Melbourne) into Brisbane. This is pretty par for the course with most companies – fly the smaller branches into Head Office as it’s the most cost-effective way to get everyone together.

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Stuart Moore

Three pieces of technology your organisation can’t do without in 2016/17

We’ve crossed the finish line for the 2015/16 financial year, and we’ve seen some very interesting technological advancements made available to organisations. The question isn’t whether or not the technology’s out there – it’s what will really make a difference in the modern workplace.

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Damien Margaritis

Provisioning Polycom Trio 8800s

Late last year saw the release of Polycom’s latest Lync/Skype for Business certified conference phone: the Polycom Trio 8800. Polycom also surprised most of us with not only audio,  but video capabilities, when the unit is paired with the Visual+ module. In my opinion, this is the perfect device for the small to medium size meeting spaces that were too small for larger VC infrastructure solutions, but where audio and video capabilities made sense. You can read more about the Trio 8800 here.

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Stuart Moore

RealPresence Trio 8800 Review

We hate the saying ‘game changer’ – it’s one of those words that doesn’t really mean anything and people bandy about from time to time.

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