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Stuart Moore

Use offline messaging in Skype for Business

You can now send Skype for Business messages to your contacts even if they are not signed in.This feature lets your contacts know that you have been trying to reach them. You don't have to wait until someone is online before sending them a message. And you'll no longer receive those "this message can't be delivered" notifications when you send a message to someone who is offline.

Send a message to an offline contact

When you start to send a Skype for Business message to someone who is offline, you will receive a message confirming that even though the person is offline, they will get the message.

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Stuart Moore


With the advent of smart phones and tablets and the rise and popularity of the mobile workforce, BYOD became the buzz word synonymous with a forward thinking, Modern Workplace.

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Damien Margaritis

Lync SBA/SBS, Response Groups and TCP 5071

Recently, I came across an issue that was affecting Lync 2013 SBA homed users after the re-IP addressing of a Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition pool. After all IP addresses were updated, and pool homed users were fully functional once again, it was discovered that any users homed to an SBA were unable to answer Response Group calls. If this user was re-homed to the Front End pool, they were able to answer Response Group calls without issue. I knew the issue wasn’t related to media connectivity, as the media path was the same regardless of where the user was homed.

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Stuart Moore

Using Technology to Boost Productivity in your Meetings

With technology the way it is in the world today, in person get togethers are no longer the only way to meet with clients, suppliers, staff and prospective clients. In fact, technology has made the entire world easy to reach and conduct business with.

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Stuart Moore

How do I configure Office 365 ProPlus for download of Office 2016 or Office 2013?

Since February 23rd 2016, most Office 365 users download Office 2016 as the default version from portal.office.com. Office 365 administrators can choose the options for which versions and applications are available on their tenant and select the default Update Channel experience for Office 2016 users when they download Office 365 ProPlus. The configuration settings are available in the Office 365 admin center under Service settings -> User software.

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