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Category:Office 365

Laz Smith

Telstra Calling for Office 365 now here!!!!

That's right kids! As per one of our fearless leaders' recent blog posts, Telstra and Microsoft have announced PSTN calling via Office 365 has now arrived in Australia! Hip Hip, Hooray!

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Richard Charnock

What if it doesn't break? - The Old Guy Who Breaks Things

 After my last epistle, a number of you seem to identify with the Old Guy Who Breaks Things (hereby referred to as OGWBT) - and since there may be more of us than I thought, let’s look more deeply into the key skill areas of the role.

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Damien Margaritis

Microsoft Announces Skype for Business Server 2019

It's day 2 at Microsoft Ignite Orlando, and we've had the announcement many of us in the industry have been waiting for: Skype for Business Server 2019 will be released towards the end of 2018.

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Damien Margaritis

Microsoft Teams to Replace Skype for Business... Sorta

News out of Microsoft Ignite Orlando this morning: Microsoft Teams is set to replace Skype for Business as the primary collaboration/teamwork platform - eventually. This came as no surprise to many, given the slip up that occurred last month.

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Richard Charnock

The power of ideas: Insync at UHack with Microsoft Surface Hub

The IT Department of the University of Tasmania looks down on Sandy Bay from the top of the campus. The Centenary Building overlooks the footy oval at the bottom of the hill. So there was nothing for it but to wheel a 55” Surface Hub, in contravention of University statutes and presumably Microsoft’s official guidance, out the back door, across a main road and, zig-zagging between ramps and lifts, all the way down the hill…

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Damien Margaritis

Polycom RealConnect for Office 365: Why it’s an even bigger deal

In a previous blog, I discussed the added benefit of PSTN Conferencing capabilities when used in conjunction with Skype for Business Online. Meeting participants could continue to join from their Skype for Business client or a web browser, but now they could also choose to join via phone: very much still an important use case. In addition to this, Microsoft have made available dozens of PSTN access numbers across the globe that your meeting participants can dial and participate in your Skype for Business Online meeting – very handy.

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