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Lee Stevenson

Deploying Skype Room Systems? Beware SHA1 Certificates

Recently we had a client approach us advising they were no longer able to sign into their Skype Room System v2 devices. After a bit of investigation, it appeared the issue first started occurring after a Cumulative Update (Dec 2017) was applied to their Skype for Business on-premises environment. Testing sign in from an SRS unit of our own to their Skype for Business on-premises environment yielded the same result.

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Damien Margaritis

Still using Lync phone edition devices? You better read this


Ahhhh fond memories. I recall with much joy the first time I deployed Lync Phone Edition (LPE) devices, all those years ago (not that long ago: 2010 to be precise). In the Lync world, for many years these were the only devices you could deploy for end users, meeting rooms or common areas where a physical handset was a requirement.

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Stuart Moore

Updated Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool Released

What value is there in a free tool?


There’s a new version of the free Microsoft Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool out – looks to be dated 8th of December, fresh out of the oven! We reviewed the older version here.

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Damien Margaritis

Microsoft Announces Skype for Business Server 2019

It's day 2 at Microsoft Ignite Orlando, and we've had the announcement many of us in the industry have been waiting for: Skype for Business Server 2019 will be released towards the end of 2018.

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