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Lee Stevenson

Deploying Skype Room Systems? Beware SHA1 Certificates

Recently we had a client approach us advising they were no longer able to sign into their Skype Room System v2 devices. After a bit of investigation, it appeared the issue first started occurring after a Cumulative Update (Dec 2017) was applied to their Skype for Business on-premises environment. Testing sign in from an SRS unit of our own to their Skype for Business on-premises environment yielded the same result.

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Damien Margaritis

Microsoft Ignite 2018 - Notes from the Field!

We're almost at the end of Microsoft Ignite for another year, and this year has not failed to disappoint. Microsoft Teams has been front and centre, lots of announcements and a wide array of brand new Teams native endpoints including Bluetooth devices, phones, and the next generation of Skype Room Systems (name change perhaps?).

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